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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 9, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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this house! this is on crete mrytle no identity, yet but as a good week or so police had been looking for a pittsburgh landfill for 35 years old, frederick sales and he lived in this house with his father, ricardo sales 73 or older. that is the purchaser of frederick sales police found him beaten to death on hiwhat is 28 and his father was found dead. >> the government of i ran is planning on releasing shores on charges of entering that country, illegally. and according to our family she has a serious medical problems. >> 31 year-old shore was last seen during a visit of the mothers of the three prisoners last may. her mother has been held in isolation and suffers from depression. she also has
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been refused treatment for one of her law ends in one of her breasts. all three were seized, and while there were hiking near the border near a run and a band imprisoned in to run of one schemes of spying. to mark the end of the islamic religious holiday, ramadan, in celebration, the will release her. all three are innocent! and the parents are requesting your immediate release. >> kate thompson spoke to one of the friends after he heard the news of her release. >> i am carryinhearing very rels optimistic.
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>> and if they became very good friends. >> the priority is getting sarah health care because unfortunately, she from the found a lump in her breast. and her fiance is being left behind. >> bittersweet, i miss her, i want her to come home but i also want shane and her to be together. this recent news of them being aengaged is just an emotional roller-coaster and the campaign is on going to bring these 02 others. >> and where does really hopeful that this is going to be over, soon. reporting in the san francisco, kate thompson. >> and east bay highway is a new gasoline for commuters a one to beat the traffic. this stretch of 680 between highway 237 and
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the total of this express line from start to finish is 14 mi.. however, haaziq madyun seeing this new express line will come at a price. the with the southbound 680 commuters need to know about this. starting monday, september 20th, 5:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. the hov far left lane will also become a cold lane for fastrak users. if you want to avoid traffic on the 14 mi. stretch of southbound 680 starting at 884 and ending at highway 237 it is going to cost you between 37 start off-peak hours and up to $6 during the heavy commute hours. carpool can still use that at no cost however, car pool use a static shield back to prevent getting charged as your vehicle is going underneath the electronics told reuters. by the way? the chp says of the violation could
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be $380 for the call by leaders. haaziq madyun >> and four bicycles,-pole while leaders-toll violaters of the new f toll road could be facing dollars and 380. >> now, this was the scene yesterday, with a $55 ticket. and another $400 in telling the sec. the going says this is not unusual and just last week vehicles on the other side of the street. there are 31 mi. of these pipelines going in all over san francisco. if you park your car in the city you want to keep your eyes peeled for these signs. maureen kelly, kron 4 news.
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>> investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to this a dump truck to you're out of control. and grant of control and sending people to the hospital. the truck driver could not stop and caused a chain reaction and the chp is predicting perhaps a brake failure. the number of fatalities has fallen since 1950. the transportation department says this is to do with a combination of seat belts, safe cars, and a crackdown on the why and this is a. down. the wif the dui crackd0 why. the why alcohol impaired dd it is down. and by returning this will come a good samaritan in berkeley provided evidence in
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a trial involving a portal stabbing. it happened in 2006 and is good samaritan was gardening on west berkeley when she found his wallet and she sent it anonymously to the victim. the attackers were not convicted. >> this particular what could be a very critical role in the prosecution of this case is currently in the trial. police want to talk to the woman who discovered this and where it was found. the good samaritan came forward after a friend saw this picture on the berkeley police website. she recognized her hand writing and should contact police. ♪ >> a sunny, warm, this afternoon with temperatures inland climbing about 10 degrees over which or, yesterday. 76 degrees in antioch, 76 degrees in fairfield, and temperatures in the north bay are also up. it is still cool on the coast. we're warming up in the south bay.
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patchy fog. that is going to continue. overnight. more of a uniform fog layer pressing in from the coast. , even that dense close to the coast the sunny and with in the afternoon and that is going to continue with the weekend. details on your extended forecast in just a bit. >> we are following another developing story and what to show you a live protest. it is just shut down market street. this is on a corner of castro, market street. to give you a better idea. if this is an lgbt activist group in their protest in the nancy pelosi and not bringing the employment-non- discrimination to a vote. they are sprawled and police are on the other side. not a huge crowd but enough to block that street at market street, castro. they have been here for the only two- three minutes. they're
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protesting as i mentioned, the nancy pelosi not bringing the and for 20 hothe employee nondiscrimination. a number of protests, 1 and washington d.c., and they been planning this for quite some time. there were going to block market street and that is exactly what they've done. we will keep a close eye and bring you the latest as we get it. >> a live look with the right around is northbound and the westbounleft side is the southbe pickets are movin pay
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. >> not in my back yard. the old car rita town about plans to relocate a parolee station and
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with that facility would be located and about the arguments for, against the proposal. >> under the proposal of the sun rafael, reporting center about 100 parolees would get counseling and other services at this facility. 33rd, north telegraphed. however, fierce opposition! this gentleman owns this oasis food market and says that they're not welcome. >> i think that more families will be scared to come down to this area. all of these people walking down the street. >> oscar and others are saying that with this recent resurgence of this neighborhood, between 20th/35. >> is a struggle for neighborhoods like this. to bring business in, bring jobs and. you do not want to do things that are is going to upset the balance. >> and not all are opposed, perhaps some leveling off because these parolees will give
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back to the committee. >> i'm a neighbor i lived right next to the center and i've no problem infected as a blessing. these are people that are trying to change their life and make a positive impact. these are the same people that helped clean up downtown. >> and a sighting with the people that the presence of these people would ultimately reduce crime-a sighting. and the commission has given the okay, siding with those people, and others in the korean town board kate will appeal that to the city council. in oakland, kron 4 news. >> and a relatively small, the castro district is a noisy protest the llgbt 8 has shut down market street, police have just arrived augustine their protest think nancy pelosi. not bringing the employment nondiscrimination act to a vote. more of this, when kron 4 news, continues.
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w as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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>> some of the largest silicon valley companies said a major league baseball message. let san jose build a stadium to the a's even though they are in the san francisco giants territory. this was in a letter to the baseball commissioner, and craig sklar reminds us that there is a lot of money and people into the salt a ready to support a major- league team. operations with a strong message. that they should sign off on approval to allow san jose to build a stadium in downtown into it, quickly. >> major league baseball has put this decision off for 1.5 years and just love this on the drawing board. this corporate support for new facility in the team would be unmatched financial backing and also to bring these as a sure bet. >> the opinions of our
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corporate leaders are particularly important to the owners of the baseball teams. they're interested in selling box seats, and become a corporate sponsorships and t h the whitewidespread corporate. >> and so far, no response from the slaughter. in it >> and craig sklar, kron 4 news. if gabriel slate's tech report >> and full-time is here, thank goodness and the regular season has started. and i know the football fan is not missing in keeping information up is easy. hope your mobile phone can be a great asset. >> the best in the n f l has a mobile device is the ability to watch the game come alive! you can watch this on a verizon phone. to have a compatible phone but you'd be surprised, most are compatible and the quality is good. and not as good as the big screen tv but if you
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and we saw some warmer temperatures today and that warming is going to continue into the weekend. with temperatures and warming up friday and saturday. start a cool down on sunday, and the weekend forecast is coming up a first, what we can exceed tonight, tomorrow. as i mentioned, with that fog is going to we formulate tonight. and tomorrow. by 7:00 a.m., the coastal and the the fog will be expected and even some dense areas in bed. by 3:00 p.m., some sunny skies,-embedded. and five-seven degrees warmer. with 85 degrees in our warmest inland spocks. the fog tracker 4 tomorrow, you can see that fog cleared-warmer in the spots, and this is what we typically see. spreading into the bay shore, and the inland valleys with pleasanton, at 6:00 a.m. in pleasanton. by 9:00 a.m.,
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scaling back to oakland, hayward, san francisco and back to the coastline. as i mentioned, 10 murders are going to be warmer with 82 degrees in santa rosa, 84 degrees in concord in inland record back to the mid-'80s. 85 degrees in antioch. and if 79 degrees in san jose. a look at the san jose things are star in kron 4 7 day around the bay to cool off. and especially as we head into next week. the series of storms will pass us and temperatures will be cooler and dense fog in your forecast. >> and national news, hope is fading for several missing people of quebeand storms rollig through texas, oklahoma. and while they search for survivors, and in some cases, it has been a recovery attempt. with several locations, touching down the dallas area and with and 100
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high water rescues. in colorado, this world fire that is destroyed 150 holmes could spread. you can see some homes already spreading, and through boulder county, are planning an evacuation because of the threat of high winds. it is already burned 6,000 a. to the foothills, and thousands of people to evacuate. fire officials said that it is 30 percent contained, so far, no deaths, no injuries, the cause is still on known. ♪ >> we of new numbers on the fund-raising between meg whitman and jerry brown. so far, jerry brown has raised $30 million, meg whitman has raised 129 million and over 100 million is her own and about the same amount. meg whitman, 580 k and jerry brown, $five k.k. toward
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smaller amounts, with two-thirds of his checks are less than the maximum donation-$577 k. and over half of her donations are from larger donations. >> this is live, where arrests are being made. police are being escorted to a vehicles this is warren lgbt activist has shut down market street that castro. police are on the scene, and they have been asked for the crowd to disperse and thery are not happy with plans to close his decision to not bring law to a vote of the nondiscrimination employment act. this is on the corner of castro, market and traffic is affected in this area and please be aware. we will be right back we will be on the scene of this developing story and much more news coming up,
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♪ >> this just in to the kron 4 news room in live look, police are arresting several police of this rally in the castro on market. and castro. it has been going on for about one half hour. several people are being taken into police vehicles of weakness protest. it started about their medical,-this protest. about 30 minutes ago. >> is surprising survey of professional chefs, and kimberly sakamoto boston secrets from inside the kitchen! >> and to receive honest, open the food magazine, they serve bradys, anonymously. first off, mi scale of 1-10, 85 percent was
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kitchen and cleanliness of 80 percent as higher. 13 percent said they have seen coaxed to on several things and most that of 2.5 times markup on the wine list. and for more of these results? them as the willis, the kron 4 news of 6:00 p.m. the street ahead. stay with us
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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news a 6:00 p.m. with a developing story. >> in developing news of hercules with devel a has been found the same home, where a two other bodies were found in connection with the multiple murders. now, four people have been killed and people are still searching frederick sales and he is the lasfinancing since late august.e search for him-he has been
6:01 pm
missing. the pittsburgh landfill has been searched and now they're back to this home in hercules. heather donald says the latest. >> yes, and investigators found as of 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in a hercules, a complete to the killing spree that was submitted by efren valdemoro and we want to show you a quick picture of this picture. there is the picture, we just spoke to the worries on the scene. with the cannot have an identity, we just spoke with-reported, this can be a major break because the last week land fell frederick sales and he went missing from this very house. and he lived here with his father ricardo sales and ricardo sales was found dead on august 28th. what we're hearing from of 40's is that investigators were they're looking for more evidence from the 40's. and they found this body let us listen to the 40's,
6:02 pm
of the 40's. >> and today, approximately 3:00 p.m., the police department and the fbi crime lab came to the residents. to collect additional evidence and in the process they located a body inside his residence here. at this point, the body has not been identified in five identified, and the body has not been identified. >> how long? >> the fbi was here for the first day, and there are here with the police detectives to collect additional evidence. >> and until we make a positive and the vacation that was found in this residency offers frederick sales is still considered missing. >> this is for much of developing story. police are not releasing much information and pretty tight left. it is a development in this case and three other bodies have been linked to efren valdemoro and he was killed by police after a high-speed chase. on.
6:03 pm
and christine connolly has also been showing this to the twists, the terms for frederick sales you are here to take a sense of this investigation. >> that is right, we spent several days of sodom a home in hercules were the bodies have been bound and i've been dashed several days--outside, and neighbors were even afraid to walk now. that is where ricardo sales he was found and this is where this home was. you can see that there was a tape along the door, and in the garage. making sure that no seal was broken. and you will remember that this was the house that anybody saw frederick sales live on august 26th. the next nine, be heard loud music, and then ricardo sales was discovered inside the home. let me show you the video
6:04 pm
and this next piece were hercules police are doing a very thorough search. this business park is very close to that home with a search and rescue because the fun of white cadillac as the land that belonged to efren valdemoro fifth the found--and also, that is what brought them to this confirmed land fill. the hercules police department ride today have been surging as for the past seven days here. extremely thorough search of that with the trash taken from a business park. a real big surprise today, pam. >> and the recovery of the pittsburgh landfill and have not found anything in. that would support this case so far. >> and so shocking is that this has been so long. with seven days, they've been extremely thorough, with 3,000 t of trash. >> and stay with kron 4 as the multiple murders case continues to develop. over coverage
6:05 pm
continues online ♪ >> also, developing out of san rafael. a employee accused embezzling thousands of dollars, and jonathan blum has the latest details. it jonathan? >> police in some of will, a result of a week's long investigation to the rest. right. the son of a police department that a 34 year-old jason brewer will rest charged with embezzlement, using the company credit card. for a number of years to purchase over $100 k of personal items, computers, televisions, and a press conference was held here on the city hall to talk about this investigation to and they say that he actually was cooperative, turn himself in,
6:06 pm
and they will change the policies to make sure that there will try to get all that money back. >> we are seeking prosecution, and full restitution for the money that was astounded. >> how much? >> and approximately $98,000. we have conducted a comprehensive thorough system and we're making a free changes to make sure there's checks and balances in place >> already, the of recovered some of that that is recovered and that will be ever entered into evidence. and a san rafael, jonathan blum, kron 4 news tariff >> this just in, how-to taking you back to san francisco, market, kestrel is clear. protesters were of their earlier. -castro is clear. they were blocking that intersection and now let me show you some earlier video. about 15 minutes ago, castro/markets were
6:07 pm
blockined by these protesters wh the least six-seven people arrested. a good police presence for the number of protesters. and this group is called get equal and there were protesting housekeeper nancy pelosi not bringing and employment non to scrnondiscrimination act to vot. -house speaker newt tupelo's now this roads are open nancy pelosi house speaker. nancy pelosi is the house speaker. >> temperatures, are warmer. and this warming trend is going to continue into tomorrow and the weekend i will tell you about the coming up.
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brewing. starting tomorrow, drivers along southbound i 6 a 0, the hov lane will notice a white lanes strike. indicating a new 14 mi. expressly that will go into effect on monday, september the 16th. this is designed for fastrak users that want to avoid traffic during the peak commute hours. carpool can still uses at no charge but fastrak users can recharge between 36 and $6. >> let me show you where the new-60¢-$6. >> and it starts and 1 mi. south of the 84 and also along the 680 until a reaches the highway 237. the total road from start to finish is 14 mi.. >> 300 and in dollars has been tacked onto the budget for the new bay bridge a suspension. 300 and in dollars, and from the bay bridge toll plaza but we will
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show you the total for this project is $6 billion, and this hightower will be attached to a cable which will be a signature piece between the oakland and the island. and the artist and deusseaddition, this will cause cover all actor condition, and during this project as part of their costs. -extra. and this remains at $6.2 billion scheduled to be finished in late 2013. >> a look of our extended forecast with warmer weather continue into the next couple of days. another cool down as we go into next week. details and your full forecast for coming up.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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♪ >> this just in to the kron 4 news room now, we have a live picture from the hercules home with his body was found at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, the police car, this crepe myrtle, this
6:16 pm
could be murder suspect efren valdemoro >> this was found in the very same home were missing father ricardo sales was found. and this is a big work could be a big break in this case. we spoke to authorities. there were at the home. and the fbi, and investigators are simply looking for more evidence. and i think we have doreen matthews. that was her. she spoke to us. and we have not identified as body yet however, three other bodies to the murders. he was killed by the c h p after he went after police with a knife. and the house on the right side is the house with a found the dead body, today. frederick sales is still missing. that is on left side. we have that hercules spokesperson, doreen, can you
6:17 pm
tell us the latest? do we have an identity? >> the answer is no. the body was found at 3:00 p.m.. and identification has not been made. >> why? i know the police convector time and time again. since the father's body was found a ricardo sales and what did they folwas this in another spot? was this war was found? >> i do not have an information. >> and how many times have a policeman out there to this house? >> i do not have that information either. >> when would you have an identification on the body? >> we are looking at tomorrow, possibly saturday. >> and it is going to take some time. >> correct. >> what were investigators joined there when they stumbled upon the body? >> today, hercules police part of the fbi crime lab came back
6:18 pm
to the residence to collect additional information. that is one discovered the body. >> is the investigation still going on at the landfill or is that over with? >> it was suspended for the day at 4:30. if they are going to be out there tomorrow to not know. and i was not speaking to the investigator leading to that effort. >> and investigators will be up there for several hours collecting more evidence? >> that is correct. >> doreen, thank you. we appreciate speaking with us. pam? >> aide muni dispute is brewing in this to be a sickout. starting next tuesday, and christine connolly explains that muni officials explain that even though it is only speculation they're preparing for the worst. >> this is a flyer that tells a muni of orders that it is time to take a stand and call in sick on four consecutive days.
6:19 pm
overnight owl are requested to call and also and " if we do not come to work, half a million to one knuckle to work also it is time to use our power. changes to procedures to drivers and a new $80 parking fee for the city bus yard. it used to be free. this is what muni have to say. >> we are concerned, aware, and we're taking it, seriously. we will be ready if this happens. we have not seen any organization or a confirmation date is all a rumor at this point. >> muni is making plans and if this sick out occurs? the call on bart to settle service and even taxicab service. and even other agencies like ac transit. if there was a system-wide? commuters could seek cancellation. >> this to mean a potentially come off no service for some
6:20 pm
parts of the city. however, we're going to work for her the we can provide service as much as we can. >> muni provided a memo that it would violate a charter if a seco were to occur and also medical certification for anybody that takes a sick out. christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> dan kerman, spoke to passengers about the potential for a muni sick out and this look ahead to say. >> have you heard anything about this sick out? >> the muni drivers to not have much to say about this proposal. >> have you heard anything about this sick out? >> nothing, nothing. >> nothing. >> and the union representative it did. >> when do not support support any sick out. >> and the union leaders have problems with policy changes made by the fda. and they are challenging those to the proper legal channels at-f t a, and ñkñ 8#. and
6:21 pm
udwq6imxmn[zgckeépkn>pì àiglg e uzt ì(lc@&c+ av+ it would ó it ñw÷jfrancisc/3ovsr sean caltran+
6:22 pm
eafkd)eyñ] e ì(lc@&c+ ks"andzañl) passed?÷ue : . 8zo÷o-f6ñrv6y> now, thatypj=crì+ ì(lc@&c+ 9==9 and it is more 13
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lxwívyw this ñ(;u[ not b?lú1 c13 f x÷án r7má$rm
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secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. ♪ >> developing news, a body found in a hercules home to be linked to the killing spree of the murder suspect, efren valdemoro the same home we're missing frederick sales father, ricardo sales was found dead on august 23rd. reggie kumar is live in hercules on this developing story. reggie has the latest, reggie, what is going on? >> pam, their returned to his home on if crepe mark hall because they wanted to discover that they found a body. -they did not say that it has actually
6:31 pm
frederick sales who is been missing for several weeks. and his father, was found plundered to death and authorities believe that efren valdemoro was the man responsible. and he was shot by c h p. it is still a very active investigation seeing. a few blocks away from the home. let us listen to doreen matthews from the hercules police. she has the latest information on what they found. >> today, at approximately 3:00 p.m. the hercules police department and the fbi crime lab came to this residency. to collect additional evidence and in the process they located a body inside this residents. at that point, a body has not been identified or a cause of death the seventh identified. >> how long has the fbi been here? >> today was the first day and they were here with the hercules police to collect additional evidence. until we make a
6:32 pm
positive identification of the body that was found in the residence, frederick sales is still missing. >> i did ask matt where the body was found and she just said it was inside the house. however, she did not provide specifics,-- ms. matthews. at this point, that investigators will remain out here, to hopefully get an identification on the bottom of very soon. reggie kumar. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room and an explosion in the san bernadine nruno avenue e skyline boulevard. you can see there are a number of homes in this area. a few industrial buildings and again, san bruno ave and skyline boulevard of ward of an explosion. >> this is just unfolding and we have somebody on the phone that
6:33 pm
might be able to explain more. marjorie is on the phone line, and you just heard the explosion? >> well, i heard what sounded like a roaring jet engine. it was so intensely loud i looked out the window and it kept going and going. and i live in san bruno. i went on my deck and i thought where is this going? what i thought where is that jet going it was so intensely loud. it was not stopping. i still am hearing this war which still is sounding like a jet engine. and i'm in the front of my house and what i can see from my skyline is that i was so concerned i thought that a jet had gone down over there. i still do not know what happened but all of a sudden i see brown smoke coming up. are you there? >> yes, we can hear you. >> and i could see that brown
6:34 pm
smoke coming up intensely so i knew that there was a fire of some sort. >> marjorie, we are looking at live pictures of the smoke. and how far away are you from that took place? >> i am only 1 mi.. maybe 2 mi., maximum! >> this is a home mac and industrial and holmes a mix? >> yes, a lot of homes. and it is right on skyline. you know, >> you are listening to your television, do not listen to that, to talk to us. >> in the area is on skyline and can you give us any other details? one explosion or was it a series of explosions? >> it sounded like a jet engine, roaring. and it kept going and going. and that is again, why i kept asking where is this plane? what is happening? and
6:35 pm
all the sudden i see that smoke and i hear them roaring toward i still do not know what happened. >> are you hearing any of emergency crews? >> 0 yes, i did i heard fire engines going up there. >> marjorie, we are going to continue to talk to you and a live picture, and if you're just joining us? a live picture in san bruno. skyline beloboulevar, the smoke billowing, dark smoke coming from this explosion that happened just moments ago. marjorie, can you tell us when this happened? >> 0 my goodness, perhaps 15-20 minutes ago. maxxam, a 30 minutes. >> looking at it as the smoke look worse than it does before? >> utt let me go out to the front. please hold on. >> and also, a gas station. >> i am be low skyline and the ssmokers faltering. and it
6:36 pm
has not seen as bad. and you can see that smoke going up and it is filtering down and i can still hear more fire engines. >> i am getting word that a gas station might be involved in this explosion. >> yes there is a scarce station at san bruno and a skyline boulevard--there is a san bruno shopping area with lots of homes. >> and with a gas station right on the corner. that would make perfect sense. this explosion, with the last 15-20 minutes and margery heard it out of her home. frightening to see this and is pamela mentioned we are hearing this. perhaps a gas station and from the phone of marjorie the phone and the sirens o. it is a three-alarm fire. >> and heather, as you
6:37 pm
mentioned, marjorie is on bruno at skyline and this is a mixed use area with residential and business. our caller, marjorie mention the there is a shoppshog area and a gas station and this it specifics, perhaps a gas station was involved in this explosion. this happened just a few moments ago and it is all unfolding as we give you these live pictures. and this smoke is still billowing very strong. and as we begin to try to nail down additional affirmation. >> it looks like it's just from one small area. and it does not look like we're seeing as much smoke. and a few seconds ago it was coming out like crazy. >> and the wire service as saying that the fire responders are responding to a hillside san bruno area. also, they're still gathering information that they
6:38 pm
are responding to that fire. there are very few specific details of that who live in that . if you have any additional information or photos? you can see those flames. and if in fact this was a gas station? this could continue for some time. and we encourage any viewers to send any video, pictures, or call us. or e-mail breakingnews >> pamela, and looking at google earth, and right next to skyline boulevard. right next to san bruno ave and it is not letting up. >> you can imagine that the fire officials will have to come in for some assistance. if this is
6:39 pm
a gas station at those could involve some much fuel to keep this going. you can see flames from our live picture. and as far as the largest dispersal of frames shooting in the air. again, our caller. the lock. >> this is a mixed use area. - look. >> with holmes, a gas station. >> pam, you can see with bursts of flames and another burst of flame. more black smoke this is far from being out of co in con >> and with marjory's description that she provided even the fear in her voice. she said this sound like a huge jet perhaps there was a crash? it is not far from the airport and the faa is confirming that there is no confirmed reports of the
6:40 pm
crash in that area so we can take that issue off the plate. and what did cause this crash and san bruno, explosion? >> if you have any pictures breaking news at kron 4 .com and who love to know what you've seen, heard, from this breaking news situation. some sort of explosion. in the faa is reported there is no record of any plane crashes and also with gotten phone calls perhaps a plane crash. the answer is no. it does not seem to be the case. also, this could be a gas station when that would make sense with bursts of flames. and smoke, and we lost a live shot but again, this is a fire that is burning out of control. i which is checking with the news desk and three-alarm. there is a live picture again. >> and this is out of control! >> and because san bruno is
6:41 pm
smaller, there will be calling for assistance. to help with this magnitude and we would think that in light of this size of this explosion in the area affected. again, we do not want people to be feared, were alarmed because a plane has not been crashed. the faa has not reported a plane going down there are houses on fire! this is the area of residential and retail. there are houses involved in this fire right now. this is not under control. >> and i hate to hear this and if you're looking at this and just joining us? smokes, flames from san bruno. west of san bruno ave s skyline boulevard. perhaps 30 minutes ago that we've received that there was an explosion in this area. there could be a gas station, and perhaps it is not a plane crash.
6:42 pm
lots of smoke, flames, far from being out of control. pam? >> this live picture will give you a sense of just how widespread this is affected. certainly, the broad area and south of san francisco. this is not far from the airport were a number of small communities. fed >> you can see that also. >> several homes are on fire. several homes from fire. >> a fire reaching out of control. in san bruno. >> we of news crews going to bear to get a bandage point and you can see from our live picture. to get a-vantage point, and huge flames are still popping up. into the sky, associated with those clouds. and the smoke pouring into the air. >> and also you can see from the sky and boulevard. is a busy
6:43 pm
section especially this time of night. at skyline boulevard. several homes, cars are even reported on fire and this fire is out of control! >> and of course you should expect if you're traveling and the theanywhere near there? trac should be affected for several hours to come. emergency vehicles need to be in the area and get this knocked down as quickly as they can. >> fire crews are rushing to the scene and they are hearing from a neighboring fire department because they need all the help they can get. we're watching the smoke and it is getting worse at the minute by the minute. >> and there is not been a crash involved. what we do know is that there is an explosion that took place over the last half- hour. huge explosion, people in the area of west of san bruno and skyline boulevard in this inferno. there is that live
6:44 pm
picture, and heather, another giant flame. >> and you hate to see this, and kimberly sakamoto has a your picture. >> this was from also on twitter let us take a fall closer look at this. you can see the massive fireball that rose to the sky spurting of the black smoke. this was sent in and they are a little bit up on a hillside. even homes. holmes to the left of that fire. and the next picture 1/2 from twitter. let me get this a bit picker. this was taken from a freeway. they went on the side of the road. the massive amount of smoke. and one more picture, this picture was while inside the vehicle. you can see that there twitter pictures of the there was a fire explosion, the smalthey saw the fireball, and y
6:45 pm
were in san bruno, driving home. and go to we have places where you can e-mail on our website pam? >> kimberly, thank you. it just a nightmare going on in san bruno right now. a huge fire. and in the last few minutes, just get bigger, bigger. >> and flames they do not have this out of control by any stretch of imagination. very likely, san bruno will call in assistance, emergency fire from surrounding communities. and this place, explosion of this magnitude. and this location of where this started of west san bruno ave as skyline boulevard. confirmation that this is not involved in air plane low sfo is surrounded although the sfo is near here, this is a mixed neighborhood of residences,
6:46 pm
businesses. homes are caught up in the explosion, but homes burning. we do not know how this started. there is a shopping area in this neck of the woods where these planes are coming into a gas station. and we are seeing that in light of these flames, they're continuing to below. if in fact it is a gas station involved? perhaps fuel is going to be continuing? >> this is so tragic to see that this is been burning for a while. we are seeing balls of flame buckle up and all of that smoke. firefighters are desperately gettintrying to gete and this is a big one. >> this fire explosion is a succession alarm! no word on injuries and you cannot-6 alarm- fire and hopefully no injuries. and there is a hillside involves some brush. that fuels
6:47 pm
this area. this is burning out of control, heather. >> we just spoke to margie. she lives in the area. and she heard a huge crash/explosion. she thought it was a plane at the time and she said it was a very loud all " crash and she saw the smoke and she was sounded very upset. and we spoke to her. this is such a nightmare situation where houses are on fire. this looks like a neighborhood area. i'm trying to find it on st you, pam. to give people a better idea. >> again, the area if you are familiar with san bruno this is west san bruno ave as skyline boulevard. this is south of san francisco. it continues to be closer to the water side of the day. you can see the smoke continuing to fill the sky and
6:48 pm
shoots of flames. homes are involved. we would like to encourage anybody to call us with any information you might have if your clothes by. perhaps you can tell us any specifics?- if your nearby--and we would love to hear from you. and we will try to decipher exactly what is going on in san bruno. again, this has reached a six- alarm fire. in san bruno. west of san bruno ave at skyline boulevard. traffic is effected, and emergency crews are going in the area to try to up the sand and no fire officials determine what is a massive fire. >> massive fire, explosion, with power lines involved. house, after house, cars are involved and every once in awhile. we are seeing large fireball's come on out of this smoke and it is not even close to being out at this point.
6:49 pm
>> hulman the alarm? >> seix alarm >> and just the last 30 minutes, with traffic affected and no injuries reported yet. do not go into this area because emergency crews are going to need to get to that. to try to knock down the flames here. a six-alarm fire and explosion at west san bruno ave and skyline boulevard. >> and pam, you say that it is been burning for 30, 35 minutes and try to figure out what happened. the bottom line is that several homes, at least are on fire. >> we encourage you to send any pictures. of what is going on and in san bruno to the e-mail address of breakingnews
6:50 pm emergency crews are going to be trying to get things under control. >> frightening. and in this live picture. tons and tons of black smoke. it means that something is burning. >> we are hearing from a caller. >> a massive amount of smoke. there is huge, black plumes of smoke. as i am looking and perhaps three-4 mi. away. in the san bruno and i think that i see this smoke filling the sky. huge, dark billows of smoke and
6:51 pm
a lot of people are breaking on the freeway to take a look @ pit. i've seen several police cars racing in that way. and as i am making this turned it is amazing how big this cloud of smoke is. i do not think i've seen this this large. >> whole fared you think you are from the exact location? do you have a sense?-far? >> perhaps 8-9 mi.. and even when i was in san francisco i could see that dark cloud of smoke. >> can you hear the and emergency crews, the sirens as the emergency tricrews tried to storm the area? >> i saw several police cars, and i definitely saw a lot of police cars. with squad cars. and at this point, a lot of people looking. stopping, and
6:52 pm
looking, trying to figure of what is going on. lookie loos and you are is far is 280? >> yes. >> christine connolly is heading to that area. >> pamela, let me show you really quickly on street view. on google map. and as you see on this live picture and the bottom line is there it is! marjorie lives near that area and here is styling and san bruno. she was telling us that there is a gas station. and perhaps this gas station is involved in that that is the case? perhaps that is the gas station that is involved in this explosion. we do not know what the source of this fire is, yet. on this other side, are several homes. there is definitely a neighborhood and we have heard the there are several homes on fire. and to
6:53 pm
take a look to that live picture, and that black smoke does not look like it is any better. >> very encouraging anybody that if you have any photographs you can e-mail. with breaking news and we can share that with the viewing audience and at least six-alarm. we do not know where it exactly started about where this involves homes, and a retail environment. homes are in called in these flames. >> we are hearing that homes in huge flames, a big fire, cars gutted. we have not heard of injuries but it is hard to think of what might be beyond the smoke and flames at this point. this started at 6:00 p.m. perhaps 52 minutes or so, a loud explosion was heard in a saw the flames. and they saw the smoke.
6:54 pm
and this has been a billowing from this fire for 50 minutes. >> and kimberly sakamoto who has more of your pictures. >> actually, these are picture the found on line of twitter. you can see that this is from the other side of the bay. this person said that they are 15 mi. from the fire. you can get a better scope of how large this fire is. and another picture, believe that it is a residential area. just how close this is to homes. and it looks like it is even touching some of those houses. the massive fireball that kimberly mentioned and we believe that some homes are on fire. >> that is in the middle of the neighborhood. >> that is the shot. >> another, showing that is in a neighborhood and homes are affected. the smoke, you can see
6:55 pm
that people on twitter are getting on hundreds of tweets going on. people asking others if there are homes are okay. the streets, on fire? i will continue to look for more pictures and in what, please send us your pictures if your in the area at breaking news@kron >> a major fire breaking out, with homes burning from the explosion. we do not know the source the war if people are injured, power is effective, traffic is effected, and working crews are trying to get as much as they can to knock out this place. to approach the night time hours for the sun setting is more difficult for the fire crews to get into these communities. you are looking at pictures that are encouraging our viewers to keep sending
6:56 pm
knees. add breaking news a >> and look at that pam. and with the base of that smoke. you can see those flames pop up. again, this fire is just is not improving. it is absolutely out of control. the left side is burning in the neighborhood, essentially. homes are on fire. again, the location is west san bruno ave and skyline boulevard. this has been out of control for over 52 minutes and still do not know the source. hearing an explosion. >> if you are hearing from this fire? and can share some first hand account? we encourage you to call. and we can sherry or information with our audience. this is going to go on well into the evening hours and from
6:57 pm
another vantage point thread on the left side that there is an addition to homes that are involved, that there is a hillside and the number of trees. impacted by these flames. >> more information, the firefighters have been rescuing dogs. on the right side of your screen, that of live picture of the smoke, the flames coming from the spider. the latest is that two-three blocks of homes on fire-the spire. and another live picture, look at that, you can really see those flames. 2-3 blocks. >> this is very disturbing. an entire community is infeaffected and san bruno, and emergency must be help the central fire department. that is a smaller community in the bay area near the. near the airport, and look of those fleeing , this is
6:58 pm
really intense. and those flames are going to really affect a large area of our community. with all our neighbors helping this tragedy. of what our people are going to face when they come home. these flames are finally knocked down again, two-story blocks of homes retreat involved in this explosion. this started right after 6:00 p.m. and with a six-alarm, with fire affecting power, traffic, and we're hoping and praying that people are not getting hurt. and we know that homes are certainly lost. >> absolutely, firefighters are desperately trying to save homes in adjacent neighborhoods. doing anything, they are going from home to home, rescuing dog from a nearby. and frantically tried to put this fire out. the left side is the live picture, and
6:59 pm
from close. and that dark black smoke coming up from the fire. >> and i dinner stand with somebody on the phone and si bancroft >> can you tell us where you are? >> well, we are near skyline college just off of highway 35 and sky line road. it is a little bit south of us. perhaps a few miles south. in that area, we can see the explosions, which can see the plans of smoke going up. it looks like it is going up north-east. going by. >> and you have been saying that you've been seeing, hearing explosions? multiple explosions? >> yes, we were taking pictures and the could see explosions in the photographs.


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